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Trafficking in Human Beings

ACTnow- Anti-Child-Trafficking: Victim protection and child sensitive assistance as Austria's challenges

PanelIn cooperation with ECPAT Austria and LexisNexis, the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights elaborated two expert opinions on questions concerning assistance to and identification of victims of child trafficking as well as the criminal responsibility of perpetrators.

Combating Trafficking in Human Beings for Labour Exploitation

THB for labour exploitation has been criminalised in many countries, but its practice is still largely trivialised. States give their own interpretation of labour exploitation and case law differs considerably between states. The project seeks to assess how legislation on THB for labour exploitation is applied by the law enforcement agencies and further stakeholders. Within the study, it is clarified which public institutions, law enforcement agencies and further stakeholders are involved in identification of trafficked persons and law enforcement. At the same time, the assistance to victims of trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation is analyzed.

NEW HANDBOOK on trafficking in human beings for police, prosecutors and judges available

The project "Trafficking in persons: Protection of victims’ rights in criminal proceedings and beyond", financed by the AGIS framework programme was carried out jointly by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ)La Strada International (LSI), General Prosecutor’s Office Romania (GPO) and Reaching Out (Romania).