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Team Human Rights in Development Cooperation and Business

Book presentation: Labour Rights on the Negotiating Table – Touchstone Colombia

On April 25 2012 the book presentation “Labour Rights on the Negotiating Table – Touchstone Colombia” took place in the library of the Chamber of Labour Vienna (AK Vienna). This was on the occasion of publication of the collected volume „Sozialkapitel in Handelsabkommen“ [“Social Chapters in Trade Agreements”], edited by Christoph Scherrer and Andreas Hänlein and published by Nomos Verlag.

Social Standards in Sustainability Chapters of Bilateral Free Trade Agreements

In the course of the "Global Europe" strategy, the European Commission has created a new generation of bilateral trade and investment agreement. These agreements have harshly been criticized by civil society in the international debate. The main points of criticism concern the non-democratic negotiating processes as well as disregard for international labour and social standards.

The BIM was commissioned by the Vienna Chamber of Labour to elaborate a study that deals in particular with the safeguard of workers rights and social standards in the sustainability chapters of such bilateral agreements.