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Workshop: Juvenile Justice in Austria

The Austrian Workshop took place in the framwork of the EU financed project on "Improving Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe - Training for professionals" from 23rd to 24th of June 2016 in the Ministry of Justice in Vienna. 

In Austria the project is carried out  by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice. Detailed information you will find here.

At the workshop all together 50 experts from diverse professional areas participated, coming from  criminal justice, penal system, rehabilitation and reintegration into society. Further informatin you will find in the  Agenda (PDF in German).

After presenting International and European Standards on children's rights and juvenile justice, the Austrian situation was addressed against the background of the violent incidents at the prison Josefstadt in 2013.

In the afternoon in four parallel working groups following topics were discussed: 1) preventive measures, 2) first contact and arrest, 3) means for shortening and avoiding of dentention and alternative measures 4) release and reintegration into society.

The second day focussed on communication with children and youth, what was identifiied as key element for the improvement of juvenile justice. Apart from that, modules for education and in-service training for prison guards, juvenile judges and police were presented and discussed.   

IJJO (International Juvenile Justice Organisation) from Belgium, who are the coordinator of the project, published a  Manual on how to make European juvenile justice systems more child friendly (PDF in English) , which was translated on behalf of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights from English into German.  Parts of the manual were presented at the workshop and all professionals obtained a manual for further use. During the project three short videos were produced from the Organisation "Include Youth" which show the views and experiences of juveniles with the police and the justice system in Northern Ireland. These videos (original with english subtitles) may be used for training purposes. Here is the Link.

Workshop Documentation (only available in German)

Thursday, 23.6.2016

Juvenile Justice und Human Righs:

Overview on European Standards on Juvenile Justice (PDF, in German), Moritz Birk (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights)

Juvenile Justice in Austria:

Developments und  the need for reform from the perspective of civil society (PDF in German), Christoph Koss (Neustart)


Results from the working groups:

AG 1: Preventive measures:

Short presentation (PDF in German), Christine Winkler-Kirchberger (Children's and youth advocacy, Upper Austria)

Conclusions (PDF in German)

AG 2: Children and young people in trouble with the law. First contact and arrest.

Short Input, Helmut Pöttler (State criminal office, Vienna)

Conclusions (PDF in German)

AG 3: Avoiding of detention (alternative measures) und shortening of detention:

Short presentation (PDF in German), Claudia Frank-Slop (Family and juvenile court assistance, Vienna)

Conclusions (PDF in German)

AG 4: Release and reintegration into society:

Handout (PDF in German), Klaus Priechenfried (Neustart)

Conclusions (PDF in German)


Friday, 24.6.2016

Child friendly communication from a developmental psychological perspective (PDF in German), Ernst Berger (Department of Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Vienna)

Principles for child friendly communication (PDF in German) - Presentation of the "training package for juvenile justice", Sabine Mandl (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights)

Video: Gareth's Story (original with german subtitles), Organisation "Include Youth", Northern Ireland


Experiences from edcuation and in-service trainings. 

Education for prison guards (PDF in German): Edith Szecsenyi-Trefanec (Ministry for Justice)

Education for juvenile judges (PDF in German): Christa Edwards (Judge at Higher Regional Court)

In-service trainings for police (PDF in German): Walter Schimpf (State criminal office, Vienna)