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Working Conferences - The Charter of Fundamental Rights and its Application in Judicial Practice

Two Working Conferences have been organised in the framework of the project Judging the Charter in 2017. Both Conferences targeted judicial practitioners and aimed at providing platforms for the exchange of experience on questions of applicability and the challenges of implementing Charter rights in practice.

A first Working Conference on 29/30 March 2017 in Vienna was organised by the BIM in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Justice.

The conference addressed the following issues:

  • An overview of how the Charter is currently applied in practice
  • An analysis of the potential of the Charter
  • The identification of areas of law in which the Charter makes-or can potentially make- a difference
  • An analysis of the existing levels of judicial expertise on Charter rights and principles
  • The identification of training needs regarding Charter rights and principles as well as their implementation
  • An exchange of experience on judicial training methods

The second Working Conference took place on 12/13 of October in Athens, was organised by the Centre for European Constitutional Law and was dedictaed to the following themes:

  • areas of application of the Charter
  • ongoing education and training programmes on the Charter
  • case studies on how to apply the Charter on real life cases at the national level
  • what kind of information would help legal practitioners in their daily practice (content and methodology of a website on the Charter)
  • the roles of national courts, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) and the European Court of Human Rights (judicial dialogue)
  • application of Charter rights and principles specifically on immigration issues