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Volume 36 I 2018: Der Nutzen internationaler Wahlbeobachtung

Band 36 I 2018: Der Nutzen internationaler Wahlbeobachtung

Published by: Manfred Nowak / Fiona Steinert / Hannes Tretter

Author: Florian Dunkel

Benefits of International Election Observation – On the contribution of a control mechanism for the implementation of human rights, with special reference to EU election missions in Guinea-Bissau and East Timor Study

Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2018

This book deals with a human rights control mechanism that has so far been less investigated in legal literature. With special focus on election missions of the European Union, the question of the contribution of international election observation to the implementation of human rights will be discussed. An in-depth look will be made on the aspects of campaigning and the media, which from a human rights perspective are of central importance for the development of a free and informed electoral will. In an empirical part, the implementation of the recommendations of EU election missions is examined in detail in the two case studies Guinea-Bissau and East Timor. In particular, possibilities for improvement for the effectiveness of this human rights control mechanism are shown.

Find more information on the website of the publisher. The book is available in German only.