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Volume 20 |2010: Extraordinary Renditions and the Protection of Human Rights

Published by Roland Schmidt

Authors: Manfred Nowak and Roland Schmidt

Extraordinary Renditions and the Protection of Human Rights
Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2010 

In the aftermath of 9/11, the Bush administration together with allied States, started kidnapping suspected terrorists and rendering them, without due process, to secret places of detention. Here they were exposed to "enhanced interrogation techniques". This practice, termed "extra-ordinary rendition" constitutes one of the gravest human rights violations in the so-called "war on terror". Suspects were transported in private planes charted by the CIA, in order to circumvent international aviation law and rendered to allies willing to torture.

The present publication is the result of the workshop "Extraordinary Renditions and the Protection of Human Rights" organised by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM). It was part of the project  "The Global Challenges of International Terrorism and the Rule of Law: reflections and discussions on the EU-US relationship in the fight against terrorism". It provides a summary of the practice of "extraordinary rendition" and examines the most important aspects, including establishing accountability and redress for victims.

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