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Seminars for Legal Practitioners and the Charter of Fundamental Rights

In the framework of the project Judging the Charter the BIM is organising several seminars for legal practitioners.

Two basis trainings for judges on the Charter and its application in judicial have been held on 25.04.2017 in Wels and on 11.05.2017 in Vienna by the BIM in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Further seminars will be conducted on more specific issues of

The Charter and its application in practise - possibilities of application in concrete in the field of equality on 24.04.2018

The Charter in the field of criminal law on 20.04.2018

The Charter and data protection on 12.04.2018

Two pilot trainings furthermore have taken place for asylum judges in Vienna on 27 and 28 of November 2017.

Similar trainings and seminars are currently taking place in Poland, Croatia, Italy. On basic seminar has been conducted by he BIM in Romania on November 15th 2017.

Materials and case studies developed for the trainings and seminars will feed into the content of a Website, which is being set up by the project consortium and will be online by summer 2018.