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Putting Equality into Practice: What role for positive action?

This is a thematic brochure presenting an introduction to terms and legal aspects, as well as a number of views of Positive Action in the context of employment and non-employment.

Tackling discrimination

This study focuses on Positive Action in the Race and Ethic Origin Directive 2000/43 and in the Framework Directive 2000/78. It seeks to establish its relationship with the general community equality law and with the Positive Action acquis in the field of gender while integrating the international human rights dimension and selective comparative law.

Kaloianov, Radostin: Affirmative Action

The publications of Dr. Radostin Kaloianov who works for the Institute of Conflict Research deal with multiculturalism, diversity and affirmative action. Under you’ll find his review to the essay “Mistaken Identity” from Kenan Malik.

Jean Monnet Programm: Limits of the Classic methods – Postive Action in the EU after the New Equality Directives (2002!):

This document is one of the working papers of the “Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice NYU School of Law”. It shows the limits of the traditional and the chances of the new Equal Treatment-Guidelines.

The Benefits of Positive Action

This Thematic Discussion Paper on behalf of the European Union Agency for
Fundamental Rights publishes Positive Action on the basis of case studies in the fields of retailing, production and executive power.

Implementing Positive Action all over Europe

The concept and action program “ENAR National Round Tables on Positive Action” informs about the necessity of Positive Action and the aims of the “National Round Tables”.

Fact Sheet – Positive Action

The fact sheet of the European Network Against Racism includes key themes of the debates about Positive Action. It also informs about the legal framework and the existing legal practice within the area of gender.



Data collection

Makkonen T “European handbook on equality data” (Luxembourg: Office of the Official Publications of the European Communities 2006)

This European handbook describes the basics of equality data. The second and third chapter is about data collection, data protection and official statistics. Furthermore it examines research and data of research, diversity and the core elements of a national plan of action.

Further specialist literature in discrimination/antidiscrimination

Bell: Anti-Discrimination Law and the European Union

The author of this book, Mark Bell, takes a closer look at the development of the EU anti-discrimination law and the EU politics, especially regarding race and sexual orientation. He also refers to the relationship between national and European anti-discrimination law.



Equality in action

This link of the European Commission contains a number of information sheets about sensitization measures.



Synergy by Diversity – Real Live Examples of Cultural Diversity in Corporations

This Study of the Bertelsmann Stiftung informs about thirteen German companies and their experiences with cultural diversity management. In addition you’ll find interviews and guest articles with and from executives, diversity manager and scientists.

PROMISE: Promotion of Migrants in Science Education The migrants addressed are children of immigrants for economical and political reasons. There will be a focus on intense cooperation between countries of origin and countries of residence, in order to harmonise the different methods and standards in science education. The goal will be achieved by a threefold package of activities: 1) direct promotion of migrant girls by establishing a girl's working group, 2) medium-term promotion through co-operation of teachers and education scientists and experts of migration, language and intercultural research and 3) long-term promotion through specific teacher trainings and dialogue between countries of origin and residence, between universities and schools.

Towards Common Measures for Discrimination One of the main
goals of this project is to develop recommendations for how to measure ethnic discrimination in a way that is representative, comparable and allows for the description of trends.This report presents a general overview of how multiple data sources can be combined to deliver a more nuanced and accurate picture of discrimination.

Studies, Research & Evaluation To take effective measures to prevent and combat discrimination, it is important to have a solid knowledge of the reality of discrimination in Europe. A key aim of the PROGRESS funding programme is therefore to deepen the understanding of the situation in relation to discrimination, through analysis and studies. The most recent studies and research can be downloaded on the website.

Discrimination in the European Union In this Flash Eurobarometer survey from 2008 over 27,000 randomly selected citizens aged 15 and over were interviewed in the 27 EU Member States to measure the awareness, perceptions, experiences and attitudes of the Union’s citizens in regard to discrimination.

Promoting Good & Harmonious Working Environment This Guide was published by the Equality Commission for Northern ireland and  is aimed at all employers, whether large or small, public sector or private sector - and for all types of employees.



Media4Diversity - Taking the Pulse of Diversity in the Media This study commissioned by the European Commission aims to assist in the process of promoting diversity and fighting discrimination in the media on a pan-European level. The Study will look for best practice in this area by identifying the most significant and/or innovative initiatives taken by or about the media to combat discrimination and/or to promote diversity. The initiatives will then be classified, their outcome and impact assessed, and any gaps identified. Finally, based on this research,recommendations will be submitted to the European Commission for further action to be taken to help promote diversity and combat discrimination in the media.

Continuing the Diversity Journey - Business Practices, Perspectives and Benefits The theme of the study shows the way in which inclusion and diversity present dynamic business opportunities for all companies in their search for greater competitiveness and talent regardless of how far they have travelled on their own diversity journeys. The 12 months’ research includes surveys with thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and hundreds of multinational enterprises, business schools, and business intermediaries across Europe.

For Diversity. Against Discrimination
This campaign financed by the PROGRESS Programme of the EU Commission provides some material such as:
• Leaflets aimed at employees, young people and employers
• Posters aimed at employees, young people
• A presentation on discrimination and the EU laws that exist to combat it which could be used as a training aid
• A quiz which uses multiple choice questions to explain the EU anti-discrimination laws, and examples of work-place situations to test participants’ knowledge and understanding.

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