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Important milestone in EU-funded Rule of Law Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic

Awarded BIM experts Dmitry Nurumov and Saule Aripova

Within the Rule of Law Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic (ROLPRO 2) project, BIM experts Dmitry Nurumov and Saule Aripova, together with the General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO) and a large number of IT experts, have effectively contributed to improving the efficiency of law enforcement in accordance with human rights standards. The Unified Register of Crimes and Minor Criminal Offenses, which had to be established according to the new Code of Criminal Procedure, has been successfully put into operation.

The register is an electronic database that records information about the start of a procedure, initial investigations, criminal proceedings, as well as about applicants and parties to proceedings. The register helps to improve the quality of investigations, to minimize the risk of corruption, and to increase the transparency in the relations between citizens and law enforcement agencies. It also includes a set of safeguards for the protection of human rights during initial investigations in order to prevent torture and illegal detention and ensure access to fair trial.

The launch of the register was accompanied by a broad media campaign to inform citizens about the benefits of introducing the register, to explain the use of the register in practice and to encourage the citizens to use the register.

The two BIM experts, as well as the leading IT developers, were awarded medals by the GPO for their outstanding achievements.

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