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Continuation of successful cooperation with Kyrgyz partners in EU Rule of Law project


After establishing a common basis of trust and cooperation with the Kyrgyz project partners in the EU financed Rule of Law project in Kyrgyzstan, the next steps were taken: In a process based on the human rights based approach (HRBA)* an in-depth analysis of the mandates of the Kyrgyz partner institutions (Ombudsman, Prosecutor’s Office, Parliament, Ministry of Justice), building on the partners’ inputs, has been elaborated during the past months.

On the basis of this analysis, at the beginning of September 2015 in a joint mission with the Danish Institute of Human Rights DIHR and together with the Bishkek-based project experts, the BIM had exchanges with the Kyrgyz project partners on the activities for the upcoming one and a half years, which were developed together with the partners and are based on their specific needs.

The BIM focuses on the following activities:

Strengthening the capacities and effectiveness of State institutions with an oversight function

  • Office of the General Prosecutor: development of a curriculum module on relevant international human rights obligations, capacity building in Bishkek and the regions, enforcing legal awareness in informing the public on the role and the mandate of the Prosecution
  • Human Rights Committee of Parliament: recommendations for the NPM (National Preventive Mechanism for preventing torture) draft law

Strengthening the coordination between State institutions with an oversight function

  • Support of regular formal and informal coordination between Ombudsman, Ministry of Justice, Prosecution and Parliament
  • Developing a referral system for complaints/cases between the Prosecution, the Parliament and the Ombudsman
  • Strengthening partners to develop and disseminate legal awareness and respective information materials
  • Strengthening coordination between State institutions and civil society

*The HRBA constitutes one of the guiding principles of the work of the Component 1 consortium partners (Danish Institute of Human Rights (DIHR) and BIM) and enforces the rule of law and good governance, as both are based on the core principles of participation, accountability, transparency and state responsibility.

Discussion with Minister of Justice Mambetalieva