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BIM's 25th anniversary

BIM 25th anniversary brochure

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM) looks back on its achievements over the last 25 years of human rights research in Vienna with some pride. When the institute was founded in the context of the preparations for the first World Conference on Human Rights in 1992, it was one of only a few of its kind in Europe. Today, the BIM is part of a community of university and extra-university institutions focusing on human rights research.

And human rights research seems most relevant – more than ever in times when human rights standards are deliberately dismantled in many places of the world. In times of undermining of already achieved aims and standards, there is a need for active and socially engaged research. Thus, from its beginning it is part of the self-understanding of the BIM to contribute facts-based analyses where human rights are at stake.

On the occasion of our anniversary we invite you to stroll about some highlights of our work in the below anniversary brochure 25 years Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights.

More than 200 projects have been implemented by BIM since its establishment. In 2016 only, we were active in more than 59 countries: from Bangladesh via India to Morocco. We would like to express our thanks to long-term and new co-operation partners, supporters and funders as well as to all our companions over the years for the joint endeavours.

10 December 2017

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