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Activities 15 – 18 Closing Visit of the project team

Daniele Rumolo (TSPC), Kamil Ruziev (Ventus), Nurdin Sulaimanov (NPM), Tiphanie Crittin (BIM), Urmat Karypbekovich Karypbekov (Office of the General Prosecutor)

From 21 to 25 September, the Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM) and the Tian Shan Policy Center (TSPC) of the American University of Central Asia organised a set of activities concluding the 20-month long torture prevention project.

On 22 and 23 September, and in partnership with Bir Duino Human Rights Movement, a training on digital security was held in Bishkek, for participants coming from the whole country. This training was the second on this topic, and was provided again by Mr. Maksat Sabyrov, expert on information security, who gave the participants the opportunity to review the state of their personal and institutional online security, and get information on how to strengthen data protection.

On 25 September, a joint visit to two places of deprivation of liberty was organised with the National Center for the Prevention of Torture (NPM). Following presentations on the rights of women and girls in detention as spelled in the UN Bangkok Rules and other international law instruments, the team, composed of expert investigators from the NPM as well as the BIM and TSPC, monitored the boarding school for juveniles in conflict with the law at Belavodska. From there the delegation went to the Jayil Asylum for women with mental impairments. There, the project team observed the monitoring work of the investigators, among which two psychologists, who carried out talks with the management, staffs as well as patients on the treatment and the life conditions in the place.

On 24 September, a press conference was held at Aki Press with the project partners as well as Ms. Claudia Hock and Mr. Jaap Ora from the EU Delegation. Following the press conference, a closing event was organised at Damas Hotel in presence of the main stakeholders and partners to the project.

After the opening address by Mr. Daniele Rumolo (TSPC), Ms. Andrea Schuechner (BIM) presented the activities and results achieved in the project. The interim Director of the NPM, Mr. Nurdin Sulaimanov, then highlighted the excellent cooperation between his institution and the project partners, with whom not less than eight capacity-building activities were carried out. Mr. Kamil Ruziev, Director of the organisation Ventus, subsequently presented the outcomes of his project “Stop Torture”, funded through a sub-grant awarded in 2014. The project provided victims of torture and ill-treatment and their families in the Issyk-Kul area with legal advice. Finally, Ms. Tiphanie Crittin (BIM) presented a handbook on “Tools and Legal Standards for Monitoring Torture and Ill-treatment in Places of Detention”, a joint publication of BIM and TSPC, and containing ethical standards for detention monitoring, follow-up strategies to enhance the implementation of NPM recommendations, as well as international legal standards relevant to the prohibition of torture and ill-treatment. The project team took this occasion to also thank the EU Delegation for its support and funding of the project, as well as the Embassy of Switzerland in the Kyrgyz Republic for its co-financing, as well as all the partners met throughout the 20 months of implementation, among which the National Center for the Prevention of Torture.

Nurdin Sulaimanov, Interim director of the National Center
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