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Engage – Building together European learning material on Education for Citizenship

The Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools is partnerorganisation of the European Project  Engage – building together European learning material on education for citizenship. The project ambitions to create a European interactive, innovative, pedagogical and multilingual module on education for citizenship for pupils aged 8-12 and their teachers.

In each participating country, the partner association is in charge of setting up a national consortium, or "working group" which will bring together several representatives of the education sector. The main task of this working group will be to conduct a national need analysis in the beginning of the project in order to assess the national needs and expectations regarding education for citizenship curricula, both in terms of content and methodological approaches. It will be done through a theoritical study and the distribution of a questionnaire to a large group of teachers and experts of teacher training.

In a nutshell, this project aims at giving educational staff (both formal and informal) a useful and appropriate tool to tackle the issue of a European education for citizenship with young pupils.

Austrian National Consortium:

  • Thomas Hellmuth, University Salzburg
  • Gabriele Lener, Primary School Vereinsgasse
  • Philipp Mittnik, Centre for Citizenship Education  at the college of education
  • Elisabeth Schaffelhofer-Garcia Marquez, Child Rights Information Network
  • Sigrid Steininger, Ministry of Education and Women´s Affairs / Department Citizenship Education
  • Erika Tiefenbacher, Secondary School Schopenhauerstraße
Persons involved: 

Maria Haupt, Elisabeth Turek

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Lead: Association Civisme et Démocratie (CIDEM)
Partner organisations: 
Arbeitskreis Deutscher Bildungsstätten (D), Center for Citizenship Education (PL), Cives (ES), Community Service Volunteers (UK), La Ligue de l´Enseignement de Bourgogne (F), Netzwerk DARE, Zentrum polis
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Erasmus+ Education and training
Human Rights Education