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Conference: Positive Action Measures

Expert Meeting: Positive Action Measures

16/ 17 April 2009
A strategy for combating discrimination and establishing equal opportunities?
In 2004, the Austrian Equal Treatment Act was amended, which since then prohibits discrimination on grounds of skin colour or ethnic origin, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation and/ or disability. Hereby, the EU Directives 2000/43/EC and 2000/78/EC were implemented. Numerous equality and anti-discrimination laws uphold these directives in the various federal provinces.

Experiences in all European countries in recent years – including Austria – have shown that legal frameworks are important prerequisites for decreasing the level of discrimination in societies, but they are not sufficient to effectively overcome structural barriers, which are a severe barrier to equal opportunities. A successful anti-discrimination policy is built upon positive action measures inlcuding any initiatives to eliminate barriers with the goal that everyone within Austrian society obtains an equal chance. The participants will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such measures for the different segments, sectors or target groups.

Target groups:
The conference is addressed to all persons who can promote and contribute to equality of opportunities in Austria. The conference should promote the exchange of thoughts and experiences of scientists, decisions makers of public institutions, human resources managers in enterprises, representatives of industry, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and equality bodies.

• How can positive action measures be defined in contrast to other approaches combatting discrimination and achieving equal opportunities?
• What role could positive action measures play in the Austrian context?
• Which approaches are used in other European and non-European countries?
• What kind of experience has been gained in Austria?
• Which factors contributed to successful implementation of positive action measures?
• What is the role of science, NGOs and equality bodies in the implementation of positive action measures?
• What are the strategies used for the implementation of positive action measures?


Registration (limited number of participants!):
We ask for mandatory notification until 3 March 2009 by fax or e-mail.
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