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Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Europe

Economic, social and cultural rights have gained considerable attention in recent years, both on the global and the European level. The significant developments of the last decade, for example the impacts of the global economic crisis, have given way to new challenges regarding the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights. Also in this context, the implementation of these rights faces huge obstacles.

This research project will explore the boundaries of economic, social and cultural rights on the European level by an in-depth analysis of the most important regional document on economic, social and cultural rights - the European Social Charter. The Charter represents the social standards reflected in Europe spanning across areas such as housing, health, education, employment, legal and social protection, migration and non-discrimination. As the main result of this project, a commentary to the provisions of the European Social Charter will be drafted which will be the first one ever published. The methodology of the Commentary will follow an article-by-article structure with paragraph numbers to ensure a quick reference to specific issues, providing the reader with a comprehensive interpretation of all provisions of the ESC and its Protocols.

Council of Europe
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Karin Lukas (lead) & Barbara Linder

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University of Vienna
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Ludwig Boltzmann Institut of Human Rights
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Development Cooperation and Business