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Workshop Series: UN Conventional – Prospects of Expanding the Geneva Convention

Misinformation about individuals fleeing their home countries has created a social climate, which seems to prioritize the protection from refugees rather than the protection of refugees.

The distinction between "genuine" and "fake" refugees plays an important role in this debate. The main reference point is the Geneva Refugee Convention, which however is often intepreted contrary to its original wording (i.e. the letter of the law). To avoid the strict interpretation of or even to bypass the convention we will ask, whether – after 65 years after its adoption – it is time to expand the scope of the convention to include reasons why refugees are fleeing their countries in our current world political state.

The workshop series aims to open the debate to discuss and recommend such measures.

On the 2nd of March 2018 Sabine Mandl (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights) and Marie-Luise Möller, deputy head of council on the asylum law and law of aliens of Caritas Vienna, will be giving a workshop on "Women Fleeing: gender-based persecution as a reason for asylum."

The workshop will focus on the topic of gender-based reasons for fleeing one's country (honor killing, forced marriages, forced sterilization and forced gential mutilation) and flight on the grounds of sexual orientation (prohibition of civil partnerships and marriage for sexual minorities). These reasons for fleeing are not defined in the Geneva Convention and are often not recognized in the asylum granting process.

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Friday, 2. March 2018 - 10:30 to 16:30
das kollektiv – Graben 3, 4020 Linz