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Kim Longinotto | UK | 2013 | 90min | English Subtitles

Growing up in the South of India, Salma lives through a rough youth: she has to leave school at an early age and is supposed to marry as soon as possible. Since she refuses an arranged marriage, she is trapped in a small room with no escape for over nine years. Also the marriage with a successful politician does not really change her situation. In order to deal with her loneliness and isolation, she starts writing poetry. Her mother secretly gets her poems to a publisher. Overnight Selma becomes famous and manages to escape her prison. She then tries to help other women in her village to get away from their fate. The documentary follows her rocky yet fertile way to break the chains of a long-standing tradition and to achieve freedom for India's women.


The screening will be followed by a discussion.

The screening is part of the film festival this human world.

The event is held in English.

Sunday, 8. December 2013 - 17:30
Schikaneder, Margaretenstraße 24, 1040 Vienna