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Networking Human Rights in Development Cooperation and Business

Austrian Development Co-operation: Consultation in the Thematic Fields of Governance, Human Rights and Peace Keeping

In 2016, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights extended its longstanding co-operation with the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) through a framework contract. Its goals are to further root and develop Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance, as well as Peace Keeping and Conflict Prevention within the work of ADA and the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.

Book presentation: Labour Rights on the Negotiating Table – Touchstone Colombia

On April 25 2012 the book presentation “Labour Rights on the Negotiating Table – Touchstone Colombia” took place in the library of the Chamber of Labour Vienna (AK Vienna). This was on the occasion of publication of the collected volume „Sozialkapitel in Handelsabkommen“ [“Social Chapters in Trade Agreements”], edited by Christoph Scherrer and Andreas Hänlein and published by Nomos Verlag.