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Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights
Freyung 6 (Schottenhof)
1. Hof, Stiege II
1010 Vienna, Austria

Books cannot be taken out of the library. Paid photocopies can be made at the institute.

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Author, title and keywords can be searched in English and in German. Approximatly half of the stock of books and documents are in English.

The library of the BIM is a reference-library with to publications and documents relevant in the human rights field. The collection consists mainly of human rights related books and journals, but also includes relevant law and contract texts, case law, publications of international organisations and NGOs, press releases and brochures. The library is divided into two sections: one is organised by topics, the other by countries. The emphasis of the documentation is on international organizations, e.g. UN, European Union and Council of Europe, OSCE, rights of children and adolescents, rights of women (in particular trafficking of women), discrimination and racism, minorities, development and globalisation.