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Preventive human rights monitoring in child and adolescent psychiatry and welfare institutions

Neuropsychiatrie 2/17

In their article, Ernst Berger and Caroline Paar offer an overview of the Austrian legal framework regarding monitoring visits to psychiatric hospitals or residential homes/groups for children and juveniles supervised by youth welfare services.

Under OPCAT, six commissions has been assigned with the mandate to visit places of detention as a preventive mechanism against torture and other forms of ill-treatment – to that effect, this includes the facilities mentioned above. The Authors discuss key issues of the monitoring process as well as the commission´s findings and recommendations.

Individual Publications and Articles 2011

Dörnhöfer, Stefanie/Linder, Barbara/Steinkellner, Astrid: Datenschutz und Corporate Social Repsonsibility: stärker zu zweit! In: Nothing to hide – nothing to fear? Datenschutz – Transparenz – Solidarität. Jahrbuch Menschenrechte 2011. Hg.: Heiner Bielefeldt, Volkmar Deile, Brigitte Hamm, Franz Josef Hutter, Sabine Kurtenbach und Hannes Tretter. Wien: Böhlau, 2011. S. 226-242.