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Human Rights Education

Expert_Forum Prevention, De-radicalisation and Democratic Culture

In einer Pressekonferenz zog die Stadt Wien eine erste Zwischenbilanz nach zwei Jahren Tätigkeit des Netzwerks für Deradikalisierung und Prävention und stellte die Empfehlungen der ExpertInnengruppe „Expert_Forum“ vor.

In September 2014, the City of Vienna established a "Network on De-radicalisation und Prevention" in order to protect children and young people from extreme and extremist influences in our society. The Expert_Forum was set up in 2015 as a monitoring group for the network. BIM Managing Director Patricia Hladschik was one of the experts of the Expert_Forum who elaborated a package of 27 concrete recommendations for action for the City of Vienna.

For more information, please see German version.

Conference: Jugend im Kontext von Prävention, Deradikalisierung & Demokratiekultur

Presentation of the outcomes of the study "Jugendliche in der offenen Jugendarbeit – Identitäten, Lebenslagen & abwertende Einstellungen".
Presentation and discussion of the outcomes of the Expert_Forum "Prävention, Deradikalisierung und Demokratiekultur".
With Patricia Hladschik who represented the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights in the Expert_Forum "Prävention, Deradikalisierung und Demokratiekultur".

The programme will be in German. Only invited guests can take part at this event.

Wiener Rathaus, Festsaal

Engage – Building together European learning material on Education for Citizenship

The Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools is partnerorganisation of the European Project  Engage – building together European learning material on education for citizenship. The project ambitions to create a European interactive, innovative, pedagogical and multilingual module on education for citizenship for pupils aged 8-12 and their teachers.