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Human Rights and Business

Due to media and NGO reports of human rights violations by transnational corporations, as well as the corporate social responsibility movement and its presentation of the potentially positive role of companies to contribute to the realisation of human rights, the traditional concept of the state as the sole bearer of human rights responsibility has increasingly been questioned.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM) seeks to analyse these issues in a number of applied research projects. On a practical level, BIM offers tailor-made consultancy services for companies that are interested in implementing human rights in their daily business activities. The applied research projects of BIM establish a sound basis for our consultancy activities for companies. Equally, the cooperation with businesses provides hands-on information on current issues and problems in the area of human rights & business which would require further research.

BIM cooperates with the following companies: APG, EVN, OMV, Österreichische Kontrollbank, HABAU.

Conference on Social Rights Implementation in Practice

The high level conference on Social rights: from case law to effective implementation and lessons looking forward. A dialogue between the European Committee of Social Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Madrid focuses on social rights implementation in practice, bringing together academics, monitoring bodies, judges, lawyers, and representatives of civil society. Karin Lukas speaks on The practical challenges to social rights: the Committee’s perspective.

Diplomatische Schule Madrid

More Human Rights in the Rare Minerals Supply Chain: Duty of Care – Trade Policy – Public Procurement

More Human Rights in the Rare Minerals Supply Chain: Duty of Care – Trade Policy –  Public Procurement

Rare minerals are key ingredients of industrial production. Their extraction is finite, but the demand for them rises constantly. The provision of rare minerals are high on the political agenda of the European Union and Austria. However, the extraction of such minerals is often connected with massive negative social and environmental consequences. The report  "More Human Rights in the Rare Minerals Supply Chain" analyses several mechanisms of human rights protection in minerals extraction.

Autumn Conference of the Austrian Commission of Jurists 2017

The Autum Conference of the Austrian Commission of Jurists 2017 will take place on the 20th - 22nd of October. The topic of the conference is Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in our globalised economy. Karin Lukas of the Ludwig Boltzman Insitute of Human Rights will be joining as one of the speakers. Her talk: "Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Violations and the Access to Effective Legal Remedies" will be held on the 21st of October 2017.

Vienna (Notice: different locations! - see programme)

Global value final conference: Corporate impact measurement & management

Global Value - virtual launch

The Institute for Managing Sustainability is pleased to invite you to join the Global Value final conference on 12 – 14 June 2017. This virtual conference will launch the outcomes of three years of research on corporate impact measurement & management carried out in the context of the EU funded project Global Value. During the conference a new online toolkit for measuring and managing business impacts will officially be released.

Institut für Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement (virtuelle Konferenz)

Social Rights in the European Union and the European Social Charter

Karin Lukas, Vice-President of the European Committee of Social Rights, held a presentation on 8 March 2017 at the European Parliament. She discussed the protection of social rights in the EU and by the Social Charter and identified possible tensions. As an example, she talked about austerity measures in Greece and their impact on social rights. Watch now the video of the full panel discussion. Karin Lukas' presentation starts at 2:08.

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Europe

Economic, social and cultural rights have gained considerable attention in recent years, both on the global and the European level. The significant developments of the last decade, for example the impacts of the global economic crisis, have given way to new challenges regarding the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights. Also in this context, the implementation of these rights faces huge obstacles.

Human Rights in Business - Removal of Barriers to Access to Justice in the European Union

Human Rights in Business - Removal of Barriers to Access to Justice in the European Union

The EU-funded research project 'Human Rights in Business' explored judicial and non-judicial remedies within the EU to hold companies domiciled in a Member State liable for human rights violations for which they or their subcontractors are responsible, wherever the damage might have occurred. The project team formulated answers to the question how parties concerned by human rights violations, may they directly or indirectly be caused by corporate actions, are able to receive judicial remedy and compensation.