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EDC Action Days 2014

The EDC Action Days are an annual series of events throughout Austria: 23 April - 9 May 2014

Many of these events (seminars, workshops, plays, exhibitions) are specially developed for teachers and school-students, many however are aimed at a broader public.

This year the EDC Actions Days deal especially with important institutions in Europe like the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, which will be elected in May 2014.

Human Rights and the EU´s Refugee Policy after "Lampedusa"

The Platform on Human Rights in the European Context has the great pleasure to invite you to a Panel Discussion, in cooperation with the Platform for European Integration Research (EIF) and the Platform on Migration and Integration Research:
Human Rights and the EU´s refugee policy after "Lampedusa": Perspectives of academics and practicioners

Theatersaal, Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), Sonnenfelsgasse 19, 1010 Vienna

Migration & Development – A forecast

Migration & Entwicklung – Ein Ausblick. Potenziale des 2. UN-High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development 2013 für Österreich"

Language: German

Organisation: Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs and International Organisation for Migration

Speech: Hannes Tretter (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights) - "Measures to ensure Human Rights for all migrants"

BMeiA, Minoritenplatz 8, 1014 Wien

Movie Screening: "Dirty Chocolate"

Within the "Make Chocolate Fair" Campaign Südwind organises a movie screening on the topic of child labour in the cacao production. 

The movie screening will be followed by a Round Table Discussion.
Participants: Karin Lukas (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights), Ulrike Lunacek (Member of EU Parliament) and Bernhard Zeilinger (Südwind)

Language: German

Free Entrance

Topkino, Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Wien