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Frauenleben.heute – Women in Flight

Half of the refugess world wide are women and girls. They are fleeing from war, violence, terror, famine, political or religious persecution - they are also fleeing from forced marriage, prohibition of work and education, female genital mutulation or rape. Gender specific reasons, which are not part of the Geneva Refugee Convention. Women are exposed to dangers on their flight and in the refugee camps of host countries. They become victims of sexual violence at the hands of human traffickers, security personel and other male refugees. 

In the a series of talk "Frauenleben.heute" (Women's lives today) women will shine a light upon the topic of flight and refuge from different perspectives: the situation of women in refugee camps, trauma, the standards of women's rights, as well as experienes of women who have their countries. On the 22nd of November 2017 Sabine Mandl (BIM) will be one of the speakers. Her talk will be on the topic of "Violence against Women and Girls in Flight"

For more infromation on the talk and lecture series see the German version or the broschure below. 

Wednesday, 22. November 2017 - 18:00 to 20:00
Seminarraum 15.04, Wissensturm, Volkshochschule Linz, Kärntnerstraße 26 4020 Linz
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