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Final Conference: Strategies and Programmes for De-Radicalisation in Prisons

On October 1st 2019 the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights and the Federal Ministry for Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice hosted the final conference for the EU research project ‘Strategies and Programmes for De-radicalization’.

As part of this EU-research project on De-Radicalisation in Prisons, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights analyses legal frameworks, political measures and existing programmes and strategies for de-radicalisation in the criminal justice system.

On April 9th the measures implemented by the task force on de-radicalization in the criminal justice system (Taskforce De-Radikalisierung im Strafvollzug) were discussed during the conference “Strategies and Programmes for De-radicalization in Prisons”. 70 practitioners in prisons and from extramural organisations highlighted possibilities and challenges of the criminal justice system with regards to de-radicalisation and risk assessment.

In the final conference, research results from Austria and the partner countries were presented and concrete recommendations discussed. 

Tuesday, 1. October 2019 - 9:00 to 13:45
Museumsstrasse 7, 1070 Wien, Bundesministerium für Verfassung, Reformen, Deregulierung und Justiz, Wien, Österreich
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