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"No Child Left Behind: Families not institutions. EU external action championing children’s rights"

Manfred Nowak (BIM) will join the conference "No Child Left Behind: Families not institutions. EU external action championing children’s rights" in Brussels on June 15th. This high-level international conference is being jointly organised by the European Commission and Lumos, an international NGO working to end the institutionalisation of children around the world by 2050. It will be co-hosted by Neven Mimica, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development and J.K. Rowling, Founder and Life President of Lumos. The conference brings together the voices of girls and boys, global leaders, leading experts and policy-makers. It will explore the role of the EU and the international community in leaving no child behind, ensuring that all children across the world can realise their right to live in a safe environment within their families and communities.

The conference objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • To promote global leadership in tackling the institutionalisation of children and explore how the EU and the international community can continue to drive and support deinstitutionalisation including quality child care and protection reform around the world through 1) policy leadership and 2) changing donor practice from funding institutions to funding deinstitutionalisation (including community care services).
  • To explore the drivers of institutionalisation, including orphanage trafficking, as well as cross-cutting issues such as gender and disability; to explore the solutions and the alternative to institutionalisation.
  • To ensure children and young people who have experienced institutionalisation play a lead role in influencing the EU and international child rights agenda.

Participants will include high-level representatives from the European Commission and other EU institutions and bodies, international organisations, national governments, recognised experts/civil society representatives in the field of child care and protection and self-advocates who have experienced institutionalisation.

Friday, 15. June 2018 (All day)