Patricia Hladschik and Fiona Steinert have taken the publication of the Festschrift for Hannes Tretter and Manfred Nowak as an occasion to reflect on why it is so important that academics engage in social debates.

Hannes Tretter und Manfred Nowak am Podium

On March 15, 2019, a party for Hannes Tretter and Manfred Nowak took place in the attic of the Juridicum in Vienna. Dorothea Steurer and Dieter Schindlauer moderated the evening under the motto "Sailing and dancing for human rights", which brought together more than 100 friends and colleagues of the two founders and directors of the BIM. The occasion was the upcoming change in the scientific management of the institute.

Patricia Mussi-Mailer

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights is pleased to introduce its new administrative director: Patricia Mussi-Mailer (40) has been responsible for the Institute's management since March 1, focusing on finance, human resources, organisation and strategy. Mussi-Mailer spent two years as an editor at ORF-Radio FM4 while studying German philology and philosophy at the University of Vienna. She then completed a Master's degree in International Politics and Economics at the Johns Hopkins University in the US.

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A portrait of Julia Planitzer, a research associate of the BIM, was made by "Die Presse" regarding the rights of victims of abuse.

"Around 45 million men, women and children worldwide work in inhumane conditions, be it in brothels, factories, households, in construction or in agriculture."

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Adel-Naim Reyhani wrote a commentary on "DerStandard" regarding the incident at the BH Dornbirn and was interviewed together with Hannes Tretter by "Vorarlberger Nachrichten".