Symposium: „Menschenrechte in der Stadt: Eine Stadt für alle"

The complexity of societal processes in cities makes them centres of innovation and societal development, but also spaces in which cultural differences clash and conflicts need to be resolved. Vienna, which is currently undergoing a phase of growth, meets various challenges resulting from this dynamic.

In the context of the ongoing process "Vienna – Human Rights City", which began at the end of 2013, the conference will consider the question of how a human rights based approach can be defined and implemented in the city.

The aim of this event is to demonstrate that human rights, which often seem to be an intangible and abstract concept in public discourse, are relevant for all citizens of the city of Vienna.

The conference is held in German.

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014 (Ganztägig)
Aula am Campus, Hof 1.11, Spitalgasse 2 1090 Wien