HUMAN RIGHTS TALK: Freedom of Expression at Stake?

The revealments of Edward Snowden about the enormous monitoring program of the U.S. National Security Agency as well as Bradley Manning's disclosure of documents to Wikileaks, also because of their prosecution, have flared up a heated discussion about the permissibility of whistleblowing as a form of freedom of speech. On this occasion Rubina Möhring (Journalist, Reporters without Borders), Ed Moschitz (Journalist, ORF), Tarik Tabbara (Expert for US Law), and Barbara Weichselbaum (University of Vienna). The discussion will be moderated by Hannes Tretter (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights) discuss these events with hindsight to their implications for the freedom of speech. The event is organized by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, the Research Platform “Human Rights in the European Context” of the University of Vienna and Reporters Without Borders.

The event is held in German!

During the event the new Human Rights Yearbook, titled “Freedom of Expression – Quo vadis?” will be presented. 

Furthermore we would like to point out that the recordings of previous HUMAN RIGHTS TALKS are available at

Following the discussion, the Research Platform “Human Rights in the European Context” and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute would like to invite you to join the subsequent reception.

The series of events take place in cooperation with,  juridikum, journal for critique | Justice | society and

Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013 - 19:00 bis 21:00
Dachgeschoß im Juridicum, Schottenbastei 10–16, 1010 Wien