The European Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx speaks at the Public Lecture Series

Peter Hustinx; ©Christian Hack

Over 120 people followed the invitation to the Public Lecture: The Rights of Digital Citizens. Facebook, Google and Cyber Crimes: New Challenges to EU Fundamental Rights in the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

After a keynote speech by Peter Hustinx (European Data Protection Supervisor), Bernhard Hötzl (Managing Director of, Walter Kotschy (former head of the Austrian Data Protection Commission and former Supervisor of Europe, head of an EU Twinning Privacy Project in Montenegro) and Hannes Tretter (Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights, Member of the research platform "Human Rights in the European Context", Deputy Chairman of the Board of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights) discussed recent fundamental rights challenges in the field of data protection with the European Data Protection Supervisor, The event was hosted by Sonja Bettel (ORF).

During the event the recently published "Human Rights Yearbook 2011 Nothing to hide. - Notice nothing to fear - transparency - Solidarity" was presented.
Below you will find both press coverage of the event and the video recording of the event (English).

 PART 1: Welcome Address by  Hannes Tretter

  PART 2: Keynote speech by Peter Hustinx

PART 3: Panel Discussion