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Als österreichisches Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats der EU Agentur für Grundrechte (FRA) lädt Manfred Nowak in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Haus der Europäischen Union herzlich zum diesjährigen FRA-Roundtable ein. Der Runde Tisch widmet sich, anlässlich der EU-weiten LGBT-Umfrage der FRA, die Erfahrungen von mehr als 93.000 LGBT- Personen aus der gesamten Europäischen Union zusammenführt, 2013 dem  Thema "Die Situation von LGBT-Personen in Europa". 

HUMAN RIGHTS TALK: Victims of violence seeking for asylum in Austria

On the panel Margit Ammer (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights), Ruth Kronsteiner (Hemayat), Nadja Lorenz (Netzwerk Asylanwalt) and Thomas Wenzel (Psychiatrist) will discuss the situation of torture survivors in asylum procedures. The talk will be moderated by Irene Brickner (Der Standard). The event is held in German!

Aula des Universitätscampus Altes AKH, 1. Hof, Spitalgasse 2-4, 1090 Wien

HUMAN RIGHTS TALK: A Life on Hold – Refugee Resettlements in the EU

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are stuck in limbo. They cannot go home because of war and persecution. Some end up in refugee camps that are unsafe and located near conflict areas for months, even years at a time. Others live in situations that leave them vulnerable, exposed to abuse or unable to access fundamental human rights. For some of these refugees, the only hope is to be accepted for resettlement by another country that will give them a chance to restart their lives in safety.

Haus der Europäischen Union (Wipplingerstrasse 35 1010 Wien)

Litigation Association of NGOs against Discrimination

The Litigation Association was founded by the anti-racism NGO ZARA, BIZEPS – Independent Living Centre and the Homosexual Initiative (HOSI) Vienna in 2004. The BIM Research Association joined the organization in the spring of 2005. The Litigation Association is an umbrella NGO with 15 member organisations combating discrimination based on different grounds and in different areas.