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Research Platform Human Rights in the European Context

In February 2008, the research platform Human Rights in the European Context was established at the University of Vienna. It assembles academics of 12 departments of the University of Vienna with the purpose of strengthening the inter-disciplinary research on the topic of Human Rights in Europe.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights serves as the platform's centre of communication and coordination.

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Kenneth Clarke im Gespräch mit Manfred Nowak

Kenneth Clarke und Manfred Nowak im Gespräch

At the talk on the 13th of February 2012, the British Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke put forward his planned reform for the European Court of Human Rights. Following Mr Clarke’s presentation, Kenneth Clarke and Manfred Nowak discussed whether such a reform would restrict European citizens gaining access to the Court and how the numerous pending applications to the Court should be dealt with. The audience members also took part in the lively debate.

HUMAN RIGHTS TALK: Female Quotas - Yes, please?

The proportion of women in politics, public service, in supervisory boards in the private sector or in government-related companies, is a current topic. EU Commissioner Reding's proposal for a quota for women in supervisory boards and the debate in Germany lead to the question: What are the developments with regards to female quotas in Austra?{C}

Dachgeschoß im Juridicum (Schottenbastei 10-16, 1010-Wien)