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polis - Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools

polis – The Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools supports teachers in putting citizenship education into practice. It works under contract to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education/Department for Citizenship Education. The Centre provides teaching materials, acts as information and consultation platform, offers formation and continuing education for teachers, as well as workshops for students. Apart from knowledge transfer activities, the Centre also engages in awareness-raising and sensitisation for all issues concerning politics, democracy, human rights, consumer education and the strengthening of social skills.

The main tasks of polis are, among others:

  • Website
  • Twitter and Facebook: @Zentrum_polis,
  • Information brochure for teachers polis aktuell
  • publishing (Edition polis) and distributing of teaching materials on civic education
  • In-service teacher trainings
  • Workshops for school classes
  • Organization of events, e.g. Austrian Citizenship Days
  • Implementation and coordination of various projects, e.g. Vienna protest path, Competition for Civic Education, dictionary of politics for young people
  • Coordination of a teacher’s network
  • Consultation and support for teachers

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99 years of women's suffrage. 69 years Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Stations on the Vienna Protest Walk

The First Vienna Protest Walk is already preparing for the commemorative year 2018 and offers from 20 November 2017 two new stations funded by the Ministry of Education: The already existing station on the right to vote is extended by a chapter on women's suffrage and a new station is dedicated to the history and importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The opening will take place on 20 November with the 6D class of AHS Rahlgasse. From this day on, information about the new stations is available online (in German).

EUrope at school Network

European policies is an essential part of citizenship education. The discussion with European questions and topics, is part of the educational principle "Citizenship Education as a Cross-curricular" as well as the curricula for History and Social Studies / Citizenship Education Sec I and Sec II.
The network has set itself the task of strengthening the value of European Citizenship Education in schools. Synergies should be used to integrate the topic of Europe well into the classroom.

Workshop "No Hate Speech"

On the occasion of the "Citizenship Days" campaign, a free workshop on the topic "Discrimination and Racism in the Net and how to deal with it: The No Hate Speech Movement" was raffled by the Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools.

direkt am Schulstandort

Austrian Citizenship Days: 23 April – 9 May 2017

15 Jahre Aktionstage Politische Bildung 2017

Between 23 April (World Book Day) and 9 May (Europe Day) the main event series on Citizenship Education in Austria invites this year already for the 15th time with more than 200 activities to participate. The Citizenship Days are an annual nationwide campaign, initiated by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and coordinated by polis – The Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools which is located at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights. The campaign aims to raise and strengthen public awareness of Citizenship Education and Human Rights Education.