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Comment of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights on the forthcoming amendments to the asylum and aliens’ law

The forthcoming vote in the Austrian National Assembly on the Government bill „Fremdenrechtsänderungsgesetz 2009“ [Aliens' Law Amendment Act 2009] and the measures recently taken by the Government in the area of asylum prompt the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (LBI) to protest against a further deterioration of the human rights situation of asylum seekers. 

The amendment is to be criticised in particular for the impairment of the access to a fair asylum procedure and for the likely increase in the number of persons detained in pre-removal detention.

The BIM requests the National Assembly and the Austrian federal Government to reconsider the respective parts in the amendment and to bring them in line with Austrian constitutional law and international human rights standards. Apart from that it is the task of the State to ensure access to independent and competent legal counselling, which has to be carried out distinct from the field of return counselling. 

The full text of the comment in German is available for download below.

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