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Current Reflections on EU Equality and Non-Discrimination Law

Seminar for University Professors and law Lecturers

The principle of equality between women and men has been part of EU law since the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957. Since then, a considerable body of legislation has been adopted on matters such as equal treatment in employment and occupation, health protection in the context of maternity, parental leave or access to goods and services.

In 2000, the EU adopted two Directives under Article 19 TFEU. Directive 2000/78 prohibits all forms of discrimination in employment and occupation based on religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation. Directive 2000/43 goes beyond and prohibits all forms of discrimination based on race or
ethnic origin not only on the employment area but also education, social protection and access to goods and services.

This event - addressed to university professors and law lecturers - will present current reflections by academic experts on the state of play and future development of EU equality and anti-discrimination law.

Hannes Tretter, Head of the Ludiwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, will hold a speech about the effects of accession of the European Union to the European Human Rights Convention.

ERA (Leyre Maiso Fontecha and Daniel Gärtner)
in cooperation with the European Commission (Contracting Authority)

English, French, German (simultaneous interpretation)

Trier, ERA Conference Centre, Metzer Allee 4
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