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Volume 29 | 2013: The Role of the EU in UN Human Rights Reform

Editors: Manfred Nowak / Tina Hofstätter / Jane Hofbauer

Authors: Snježana Bokulić, Nils A. Butenschøn, Dorothée Cambou, Julia Dahlvik, José Doria, Andrea Fritsche, Jean-Pierre Gauci, Nathalie Huegler, Kyung-wha Kang, Marcia V. J. Kran, Richard Kühnel, Johannes Kyrle, Ulrike Lunacek, Manfred Nowak, Julia Planitzer, Olga Pleshkova, Vesna Pusić, Christian Strohal, Engelbert Theuermann, Jozefien Van Caeneghem, Léonie Jana Wagner, Jan Wouters und Dubravka Šimonović

The Role of the EU in UN Human Rights Reform

For many years the United Nations have been discussing the need of strengthening the protection and implementation of human rights. Traditionally, the European Union has been one of the most outspoken advocates of a stronger role of human rights in the UN architecture. With the Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street Movement and other more recent waves of reforms time seems to be ripe for developing a UN Human Rights Agenda for the 21st century.

Volume 27 | 2013: Wiedergutmachung bei Menschenrechtsverletzungen

Editors: Manfred Nowak, Fiona Steinert, Hannes TretterWiedergutmachung bei Menschenrechtsverletzung
Author: Lisa Maria Stadlmayr

Wiedergutmachung bei Menschenrechtsverletzungen
Die Umsetzung völkerrechtlicher Wiedergutmachungspflichten in Österreich

Study Series of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights
Volume 27
Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2013 

for further information please see german version.


Volume 26 | 2013: Labour Rights and Global Production

Editors: Manfred Nowak, Fiona Steinert, Hannes Tretter
Author: Karin Lukas

Labour Rights and Global Production

Do transnational corporations protect or violate labour rights? Is outsourcing a good means to create more jobs - and which jobs? The outsourcing activities of transnational corporations are a world-wide phenomenon and have been well documented in Asia but little in Europe.

European Yearbook on Human Rights 2013

European Yearbook on Human Rights 2013Editors: Wolfgang Benedek / Florence Benoît-Rohmer / Wolfram Karl / Matthias C. Kettemann / Manfred Nowak

European Yearbook on Human Rights 2013
Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2013

Defining and discussing key developments in human rights, the fifth edition of the European Yearbook on Human Rights brings together 26 contributions by renowned human rights experts that provide a much needed overview and sought-after analysis.

Handbook Good Governance

Editors: Austrian Development Agency (ADA) und Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights

Authors: Andrea Sölkner, Georg Huber-Grabenwarter, Manfred Nowak, Helmut Sax

Handbuch Good Governance
Anleitungen zur strategischen Umsetzung der Leitlinien der OEZA

Extrajudicial complaint mechanisms: conflict resolution between business and human rights

Cover of final report: The Right to RemedyIn recent years, companies have faced ever-growing scrutiny of their human rights conduct. Some of them have been confronted with grave human rights allegations that led to years of litigation and public campaigns. The remedies for instances of corporate human rights violations have remained insufficient, however.